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Selling June 27, 2023

A guide to selling your home this summer

The summer season brings warm weather, longer days, and the opportunity to attract buyers looking for their dream home. If you’re planning on selling your home this season, use this guide to showcase your property’s best features and secure a fruitful summer sale. 

Set the right price 

Pricing your home appropriately is crucial, especially in a competitive market. Work with a trusted estate agent who has experience in your local market and can determine the right asking price. Only an industry professional can accurately assess your home, so don’t rely on guesswork when the stakes are this high. A competitive and reliable asking price will attract the right buyer for your home and increase the likelihood of receiving multiple offers.

Set the stage 

Nothing sells a home quite like a lasting first impression, so focus on your kerb appeal by maintaining a well-manicured front lawn, adding some fresh flowers, and a slick coat of paint where needed. You should also evaluate how your hallway looks and feels - are there shoes and coats on display? Is the welcome matt worn down? Could the tiles or carpet benefit from a thorough clean? Now is your chance to declutter and depersonalise your entrance, so guests feel an inviting atmosphere from the get-go.  

Plan strategically 

Timing is important when selling your home, and summer offers plenty of great opportunities to time your sale just right. Be mindful of local housing market trends and make sure to check how much homes in your area have sold for recently. It may be beneficial to list earlier in the summer to capture buyers before they go on holiday, or you could wait until later in the season when the kids are off school - the answer might depend on your target demographic. Consult with your estate agent to determine the most advantageous time to get your home on the market for the best results.

Keep it cool 

The summer heat can be intense, so it’s important to keep your home cool and comfortable during viewings. Set the temperature at a refreshing level by opening windows to allow fresh air in, and consider using fans to create a retreat from the outdoor heat. This will not only make guests more comfortable in your home, but also showcases that your home is well-prepared for hot summer days.

Prepare to be flexible 

The hottest season often means buyers have busy schedules, so try to be flexible and accommodating with viewings wherever possible. This could mean making arrangements with work or asking a friend or family member to take care of your pets while visitors are coming in and out. A flexible approach allows serious buyers the opportunity to see your home and demonstrates your commitment to selling. 

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