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Inspiration September 27, 2018

Paint Shades You Will Love This Autumn

If you would like to revamp your home for autumn, check out the new paint shades from Farrow & Ball.  The company has just launched a 2018 range including nine autumnal colours. They range from a hot exotic pink and a deep burgundy red to an earthy denim blue and a soft off-white.

On sale in Brewers in Haslemere, the colours are inspired by culture, history and heritage. Paean Black, is a red-based Georgian black, while the muted Sulking Room Pink evokes the colours used in boudoirs, named after the French 'bouder', meaning 'to sulk'.

Baroque-style Preference Red is the company's richest red yet, sober green Bancha takes its name from Japanese tea leaves and the cheery pink Rangwali is inspired by the powder thrown with joy at India's Holi Festival of Colours.

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball's colour curator, explained that the creation of new colours starts  

"at a kitchen table with paint-filled ramekins which are constantly mixed and remixed for weeks".

"Our new hues tend to fall into three very broad brackets," she said. "The first is trend-led colours that feel relevant and will nourish the contemporary home. Jitney is a wonderful example of this, with brown-based tones that mark the move away from cooler greys. 
"The second is existing shades that might need a very slight tweak for today's market — Sulking Room Pink is an updated take on Smoked Trout, for example.
"Finally, some of our most popular hues just beg to have lighter or darker accents, such as School House white which is the lightest colour in the contemporary neutral group."

Visit Brewers Paint and Supplies in Haslemere to view the full range.

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