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Industry News January 29, 2019

To Let Boards - The Debate

Keats Estate and Letting Agents speak out following the announcement that another council has been given the go ahead to ban To Let boards in part of a city - with government backing.

Rita Tinney, Group Sales and Lettings Director said: “I find it difficult to believe that some local authorities believe that it is less important for a landlord to instruct a local agent to find a suitable tenant than it is for a seller to ask an agent to find them a suitable buyer. 

“The process is the same and neither side should feel their needs are of less importance than the other. Despite the power of the internet and web-based property portals, agency boards are, and I believe, will remain an important marketing tool. 

“I agree that there are some agents who erect boards solely to advertise their own name and that there isn’t a town in the country which doesn’t have its unsightly ‘board city’ areas but there is already legislation in force to deal with this. The Town & Country Planning Act 1990 controls not only the size and manner in which boards can be displayed but also states that permission must be obtained from the landowner.

“It also directs that both Sold and Let By boards should be taken down and removed from site within 14 days of the completion of the sale or let.  Local authorities have had the power for many years by way of this Act to order the removal of inappropriate boards and to levy fines on agents and developers who flout these rules. 

“Most complaints are generated by the proliferation of agency boards at blocks of flats. But this can be controlled and curbed by the management company. We all support any scheme which will improve and enhance the street scenes of our towns and villages, but sensible control is the remedy rather than an outright ban.”

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