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Inspiration July 30, 2019

Enjoy Moving Home With Some Top Tips from the Experts

Caught up in the excitement of buying or selling a home, many forget that it involves careful planning – that’s according to Keats Estate Agents in Haslemere. No matter how brilliant your solicitor and estate agent may be, you will need to get involved if you’re serious about moving.

Everyone knows about the research needed at the start - choosing the right selling agent, deciding on the right area and home type and selecting the best mortgage product. However, very few home movers think as far ahead as the ‘Big Day’ itself.

Rita Tinney, Keats Sales and Lettings Director provides some useful advice: “Before you consider making or accepting an offer you need to think timescales. When do you actually want to move? Just like 90% of all buyers and sellers the chances are that the answer is ‘during the school holidays’ and ‘on a Friday’ - in other words, at the same time all the peripheral services that make up the housing market are working to capacity and when they are overstretched you need to prepare for the unexpected.

“I recommend that you write a ‘what if’ list and cover off each point with a solution. What if my sellers don’t move out? What if my buyer fails to complete? What if I can’t find a rental home to move into on the same day as I have to move out of my old home? What if the mortgage funds aren’t released? What if my new build home isn’t finished in time?

“All of these happen on a regular basis. As frustrating as this may be, these hurdles can all be overcome with some careful planning and a flexible, open approach. Decisions taken in the heat of the moment usually aren’t the best and can be expensive.”

“Check the ‘extra’ costs in your chosen removal firms contract. Is there a waiting charge? Can they offer storage and at what cost? Research cheap, short-term accommodation in your local area. Look at the legal redress you have if your buyer fails to complete and find out if your home insurance covers you for any out of pocket expenses as many have a family legal advice provision included in the policy. Form a good relationship with your seller before-hand. That way you will be able to talk through any potential challenges and work together.

“Think of any stop gap rental home as just that and don’t be too fussy. If it’s the right size and will take your family and furniture, is in a location that will do for six months to a year and is a sensible rent that won’t eat into your capital – take it! It’s not your final home but a means to an end – a business transaction.

“Most importantly – do you really need to move on a Friday? Mid-week is cheaper and carries less pressure on all those other service providers who will be helping you into your dream home. With the right planning, moving home can be exciting and fun!”


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