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Inspiration February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for you to add a touch of romance to your home. Whether you are celebrating with friends, family or your loved one, there are plenty of opportunities to decorate. Here we share some inspiration to help you give your home some love.


Select a mixture of your favourite Valentine’s flowers, such as roses, and add some greenery to create a simple bouquet. Use it as a centrepiece for your dinner table or add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

Valentines Tree

Decorate a real or artificial tree with sweet ornaments; or red, pink, silver and white hearts or flowers. Alternatively, you can clip Valentine’s Day cards to your tree, or hang photos of loved ones.


Create your own garland with love hearts, romantic sayings or tassels. Hang it over a mantel, adorn an entryway or pin it to an empty wall.

Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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